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Have a BAD IDEA!!

PINKPONK COMICS is proud to be the

FIRST retail store on this hemisphere

of our planet carrying this mindblowing label of many fantastic titles !!

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PinkPonk All In!!
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A 16-Page Duo-Colored Comic Book.

Four original short stories by George Jorgimito, each of them portrayed and conceptualised uniquely by FOUR comic artists in their own unique ways.

Level Up Virgin Variant

Have you ever wondered....

If you are to be granted with one wish, or even superpowers, but in return you will have to do something drastic.

So drastic you will never have thought that this will have to happen in your entire life!!

Debut work of TWO brilliant artists – JIE VICTORIA and HAIDER AMIR 

Level Up Trade Dress

Delivery to Malaysia RESUMES with new rates


Due to the pandemic situation, our courier service across the border has been limited to what the new courier guys quote us.

It will be cost to cost to you. Do inquire.

Meanwhile, for your reference of our usual rates:

Refer to here

Verify Your Slabs Before Purchase

With the advancement of printing technology and human minds, we cannot help but to play safe. Like many collectors before us say - When unsure, just google it.

CGC website provides a way to verify a slab's serial number to see if it is legit, while PGX does it over free grading notes request and CBCS is a QR code scan on the back of every graded book or simply ask for a grader's note for free. Tally the info with the book you are buying to see if it is the real deal.

Happy hunting everyone!

Comic Book Pressing now available !!

A new collaboration allows all collectors now to have their book pressed not overseas, but right here in Singapore and South East Asia, professionally.

Do check out our comic book pressing page for more details!

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Weekend Reply Auction on Facebook!

We run a Reply Auction thread on a weekly-basis in our Facebook Page.

We are one of the first and longest-running in Singapore.

Be sure to visit our page and keep up to date about it!

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