All About Pink Ponk


We are a group of private collectors who have been friends since young and sharing the same love for comics. Always a dream to own a comic shop or at least having a man cave filled up with our childhood toys and collections, but somehow it all deviated along the way in life...

Why Pink Ponk?

It was all being discussed over a game of ping pong. We thought it would be cool to have a online presence to sell, trade, communicate anything about comics. Then the idea sat there for a couple of years... fermented for a while.... till someone picked it up again and did a logo design and at a point I decided to ditch the G for the K to make it sounds less kiddish, but part of the truth was was already taken. So there you have it.  :D


Our Objective

It is all plain simple. We love comics. But not our wives. We were told to get rid of some. But we are still buy more behind their back.

And while selling some of our books, we hope to be able to provide a way for collectors to interact and perhaps trade their collections. At this point of time, we hope to be able to present some of the books we have kept or found during our years of collecting them.

We also hope that (in time) we could provide a platform for budding and/ or established artists to showcase their works. And of course, to share our love for comics-related events such as roadshows, conventions, movies and televised series.

We just hope that for those who could not have a man-cave in reality, this would be the sanctuary for you.


Coming Soon!