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All About Pink Ponk


We are a group of private collectors from Singapore who have been friends since young and sharing the same love for comics.  It is always our dream to own a comic shop or at least having a man cave filled up with our childhood toys and collections, but somehow it all deviated along the way in life...

Why Pink Ponk?

It was all being discussed over a game of ping pong (table tennis). We thought it would be cool to have a place of our own to sell, trade, talk about everything comics. Then the idea sat there for a couple of years... fermented for a while.... till someone picked it up again and did a logo design and at a point found out that was already taken and we had to do some tweaking to the name. So there you have it.  :D


Our Objective

We hope to create a fun and conducive environment for ourselves and fellow collectors to interact and perhaps trade their collections. It will also be a hunting ground for collectors to fill the gaps in their collections and the joys of searching for their holy-grails.


We hope that PinkPonk Comics will be the “THE Place” where we and collectors alike could showcase our collections and share experiences in collecting comics or original arts over a cup of coffee or drink. Did we hear you saying Bragging Rights?


Also, in time to come, we hope that we could provide a platform for budding or aspiring artists to showcase their works and to support their endeavours through comics-related events such as roadshows, conventions, movies and televised series.

To sum it all up, we just hope that for those who dream of a man-cave in reality, PinkPonk Comics would be the sanctuary for you.

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