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We custom made these thick boards specially for our important and high value books.


These paper are made from Chlorine-Free woodpulps, sourced from some carefully managed forests, which are certified in accordance with the rules & regulations of the Forest Stewardship Council.

Its triple coated surface on both sides makes it thick enough to make your packing sturdy individually.


It is acid free and anti-aging, thus will not compromise with your book's quality even if they are stored together in a back and in contact with one another.

Various sizes fit comic books from different ages.


(Modern) Measurements: 17cm x 26.7cm

Good for all modern/bronze/copper comics.


(Standard) Measurements: 18cm x 26.7cm

Good for all modern/bronze/copper comics and silver aged.


Price listed is for 100 pieces pack.

ACID-FREE Comic Backing Boards Modern/Standard-Sized

  • No-Return for these items.

  • Smaller Packs of 20pcs are also available at S$5.50 per packet.

    Please inquire for details.

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