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Updated: Mar 8, 2023

by: Colin Chia Ren

Someone asked me… who’s your favorite character?

Without a doubt, the answer is… WOLVERINE

Why? He is just… him. Himself, and doesn’t need to care about what others think about him.

Growing older though… changes your perspective…

Ask me now, who’s your favorite character?

My answer now… will be… “WOLVERINE


Despite the number of years that have passed, or the era of comics that we’ve gone through – he is consistent. Consistent in what?

2 words…


You never have to second guess his intention and who he is.

He is the person that is not afraid to tell you things exactly the way things are…

Even when he could lie to make things better – he will rather speak the truth

When things are messed up, he tells you as it is, and gives you the option to go for it

When things are too hard to be spoken about, he tells you exactly what everyone thinks but doesn’t dare to speak

When things emotions or feelings are involved, you don’t have to second guess him

He wears his emotions on his sleeves

He wears acts out his thoughts as opposed to just shy away and do the “politically correct” thing

It’s more important to be yourself than to be something that you are not.

That honest trait of his is exactly why despite having multiple headmasters in Xavier Institutes, they all still value and want to retain him.

He does what others can’t or don’t want to dirty their hands on – see Uncanny X-Force

He speaks what others don’t dare to speak – see the split of Xavier Institution and becoming headmaster

He acts on what others are too afraid to do – see Uncanny X-Men, and every other instance that he took the first step, or the step less travelled

He is honest to himself – that is instinctively more honest than any other person in the Marvel universe can state to be.


There’s no doubt to his loyalty.

When Professor X had a major disappointment lapse in leadership; Wolverine still chose to be loyal and honor the man that guided him, and believed in him.

He continued the beliefs of that as he led the school.

Despite being in multiple teams, when the X-Men needed him back – he would be counted on. He knew that it was where he was first home.

When his love Mariko had to die, he did the hardest thing he ever needed to do – pop his claws on her

He is loyal not just to a person, but to the person and all that the person holds, believes in.

Loyalty is not about being a blind or “yes” man, loyalty is holding on to someone and believing that the person or idea is real, true, and sticking through even when others say it’s not – going through the test of time for it; bearing the consequence.


In this modern-day stage of things that we live in, it’s far too hard to see someone that holds on and lives by this code of HONOR and LOYALTY.

We see people turning their backs on the people who believe in them, nurture them…

We see promises being broken, and deals being going back on for other gains…

We see relationships being dishonored simply for a good deal…

Honor and Loyalty are traits to die for…


Maybe at the back of the mind, having a Wolverine to love and value is also a naïve view of holding on to values that people may view as archaic, but in-reality is sacred.

Wolverine is my favorite for what the values that I see him value…

Wolverine is my favorite as he represents something that the world sorely needs…

“Tell me what you like, and I can tell you what you believe in”

A good question to ask now is…

“Who is your favorite character and why?”



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