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Any Superheros from Singapore in MCU?

Marvel actually had several Singaporeans featured in the 1980s, just that they were not very well known.

In celebrating our nation’s birthday, we attempt to bring them out to the light.


When Magneto escaped to Singapore after a confrontation between The X-Men and The Avengers (in issue 4 of the saga, 1987), The Light(leader of the group) located him and asked him to lead them in their war against humanity. However, Magneto was trying to change his ways at that moment and he rejected the offer saying war was not the answer to the problems of the mutants and that he preferred to learn to live peacefully.

The group consisted of The Light, Crawler, Slider, and Leiko Tan.


Also known as Jessán Hoan, first appeared in Uncanny X-Men issue 229.

She started out working at her family’s bank (nothing to do with Crazy Rich Asian), The Reavers robbed the bank and killed several family members during the raid. Rescued by the X-Men later, she was sent back to her family.

However, being the only survivor to the incident, she was ostracized by her family. Jessán later found out that The Reavers were hired by a crime lord of Madripoor. She moved to the island of Madripoor, collaborated with Wolverine to overthrow the crime lord.

Tyger Tiger partners Wolverine

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