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An experiment conducted: Backing Boards

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Some time back we were chatting with a few collectors about how to remove foxing (moisture stains) from pages and would acid-free backing boards really help in avoiding and/or removing foxing. So, two years ago I had some boards placed in between some old books with yellowed pages. Some nights ago I had them removed from the boxes and discovered: - The non-coated side of the backing boards had turned yellow or had yellow spots on them, while the coated side remains ivory-white. - The yellowed pages are still as yellow as a soiled underwear.

And I concluded the following: - Acid-free backing boards are not mothballs. - Acid-free backing boards do not remove foxing at all. - Coated backing boards are more lasting than non coated backing boards in appearance. Hope this little experiment we conducted helps in your hobby. ^^

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