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Cosmic Supercomic is being operated by a trusted friend as a separate entity, offering professional book pressing service and specialised for comic books of all ages.

We have engaged in their service and is absolutely satisfied by the outstanding result and have acquired their permission to make a formal introduction of their service here on our site and for our fans.


What is Comic Book Pressing?

The procedure is applying even pressure and heat temperature on a book to eradicate marks and likewise defects on the book appearance, in an attempt to improve the book's exterior, thus improving its grade.

When & Why should I press my book?

Most collectors would press the book only when and before the send it for grading. That would be the logical purpose because pressing could improve the grades of the book.

However, book pressing should be considered suitable for any time for as long the book owner feels like improving the exterior condition of the book.

Will my book's grade definitely be improved after a press?

Grading of a book is subjected to the overall condition. Although pressing can rectify most folds and misalignment, but it cannot salvage tears, chips and drastic damages further than that.

How long does a pressing procedure take?

Currently we are working on the quantity of between 50 and 80 books within a month. We are also comic collectors and enjoying the love of the hobby. Thus, we would not compromise quality with quantity.

So you may expect to receive your books from 2-4 weeks from the date of submission.

Is comic pressing safe and is it safe to leave my books with you?

We treat every book submitted as well as our own collection. Our machine has been carefully customised, unlike the commercialised ones available, heat temperature and pressure gauge are customised to be suitable for comic book pressing only and nothing else.

However, we do not have insurance facility yet for books submitted with us. Therefore, there would be an indemnify clause which each submission has to comply before procedure.



Rates & Charges

Pressing: S$ 15.00 per book

[NB: Currently not accepting magazine, oversized comic, comic with insert, and squarebound.

Signature Window: S$ 5.00 per window per book  [for Artist Signature/s submission purpose]


Thanks! Message sent.

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