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Todd McFarlane
CGC Signing

Please Read Carefully Before Proceed

We would discourage you if...

We understand greatly on our respective idiosyncrasies and with the many unforeseen factors during foreign submissions, international shipping, and our concern of our valuable collection, we would highly recommend you do not make submission through us, if:


- you cannot bring yourself to trust us for your submission/s

- you have not dealt with us before and you have strong paranoia towards dealing with strangers

- you will get fidgetty easily when your belongings leave your possession for too long

- you will get jumpy easily

We are not trying to be sarcastic, but honestly there are just too many unpleasant past incidents over book submissions, that we have stopped doing this for a long time. But there are just too much love for McFarlane's work (including ourselves) and we are opening this up now to all of us who understand the tough process at a chance to own a piece of his work.

Thus, if the above description fits you, read no further.


The Submission

We are collaborating with a very reliable agent and a dear friend in the US, and because of the distance between us, we will have to push forward the submission dateline.

Submission Dateline: 30th September 2022

All books that reach our store after the dateline, 6pm SGT will not be accepted.

We accept only RAW SINGLES.

We do not accept slabbed books at this point of time.


The Fees To Submit

This Grading Process is S$285.00 and will include:

- Todd McFarlane's signature;

- Encapsulation of book with iconic CGC yellow label;

- Form filling and paperwork;

- International Shipping to and fro US and Singapore.

There will be:

- No insurance,

- No refund,

- No guarantee of turnaround time,

- No pre-screening,

- No guarantee of signature placement.


Todd McFarlane will not sign

As announced by CGC, "Toddfather" will not sign the following book:

- Venom #1 Color Variant Cover

- Venomverse #1 Black & White Variant

- Venomverse #1 Color

- Venom #6 Color

- Spawn Retailer Thank you

- and all parody covers of his creation

Todd will only sign books and characters he has worked on.

You are to observe your own due diligence to research on your own books before submission. Please note that we would not be held liable should you fail to do so, and your books get rejected.


Additional Items

A) Bagging and Boarding your book

Each of your book should come ONLY with 01 bag (with resealable flap) and 01 halfback board. We would strongly recommend a Mylites2 bag.

B) Custom Labels as shown on the right are the only options at additional S$8.00 per book.

Please indicate option during submission.

C) Book Pressing service for this round of submission is available and will be done in the US at S$25.00 per book.

D) No insurance will be provided for this round of submission. Thus, we would like to highlight that we would not be liable for any lost & damage during this submission process.

E) All Payment MUST BE made upfront and upon submission.

F) PinkPonk Comics reserves the rights to reject submission.

G) By making submission, you are agreeable to our terms & condition stated above.

Screenshot 2022-09-15 at 17-06-57 Todd's McFarlane's Hulk Art - GoCollect.png


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