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Auction or Sell your comic books with us

We are starting to accept consignment of comic books for sale and/or auction.  There will be different fee structures for both mode of selling your books, with each mode bearing respective pros and cons.

Why Consign Books to us?

We are also comic collectors. We understand the value behind each comic book, both monetary and sentimental. When you decide to sell a book, other than making money from the sale, we also aim at handling and storing the book/s in a good manner while they are in our hands.

What is the difference between Selling and Auctioning off my books?

Listing your books for sale really depends a lot on the pricing and a little bit of luck. Every collector wants to buy low and sell high. Many times if the selling price is on the high side, time and patience will be required till the right buyer comes along. And when that happens, you will know when the price is right.

Auctioning off your book may be the faster mode between the two, to convert your books to cash. But a book's start bid will have to be many times below its actual value, and that will bear a risk of the final sale price be under the expected number. However, on the flip side of it, there will also be times that the sale will end up many times BEYOND the expected number. This is when luck comes into play.

What's in it for me if I choose to auction?

Other than the extra cash, Auctioning off your books is fun. And, it gives you a real perspective of how much your books are worth, regardless of what all those price guides and comic gurus told you how much they are worth.

A book could worth that much on the price lists and other sources, but on the much a collector is willing to fork out to pay, THAT is another question altogether.

What are the fees and charges?

For Direct Sale:

20% of Per Book Sale, whichever is higher.

For Auction Sale:

All commission set based on final fetched price

$20 & below - 50% of book sale

$21 to $99 - 30% of book sale

$100 & above - 20% of book sale

No upfront fee as yet being implemented. But we reserve the rights to alter the fees accordingly over time due to various factors.

Logistics Charges: (if required)

Book Bagging - S$0.50 per book*

Email us at to find out more, OR follow us on our FACEBOOK PAGE and send us a text.

*Each book consigned without proper bag and board will be subjected to a logistic fee of S$0.50 per book to be bagged with a backing board.

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